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Senior Staff

To contact a member of APCIA's Senior Staff, please use our Contact Us form.
David Sampson Profile
David Sampson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Paul C. Blume Profile
Paul C. Blume
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Gordon Profile
Robert Gordon
Senior Vice President
Research & International
Jessica Hanson Hanna Profile
Jessica Hanson Hanna
Senior Vice President
Public Affairs
Claire Howard Profile
Claire Howard
Senior Vice President
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Adam Shores Profile
Adam Shores
Senior Vice President
State Government Relations
Mark Wachholz Profile
Mark Wachholz
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Nat Wienecke Profile
Nat Wienecke
Senior Vice President
Federal Government Relations and Political Engagement
Stef Zielezienski Profile
Stef Zielezienski
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
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